The Root of all Evil

Everything is love in disguise.

Think about it…

Pick any evil in the world and reverse engineer it.

Let’s take obesity for example.

Okay, why is obesity so prevalent?

According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity and overweight together are the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, close behind tobacco use. An estimated 300,000 deaths per year are due to theobesity epidemic.—Obesity: Facts, Figures, Guidelines

Yes, it’s an addiction. People lack self-control. People are more concerned about taste than nutrition and health. People are addicted to the chemicals and sugars in our food, and so on.

But let’s keep breaking it down. Why is the food made this way in the first place?

Well, back in the day, people started to realize that they could mass-produce food and sell it for a profit.

This idea was put into action and there was nothing slowing it down.

Once it became a booming industry, people started getting competitive. This led to food companies adding in tons of sugar, oils, salt and other ingredients that made food taste really good.

You know the rest.

So why did someone have this thought in the first place? Why did someone say “if I sell a bunch of food to people, I could make a lot of money.”

Because that was a way for them to be loved.

If they have money, they can receive love easier. All though it’s not intuitive at first, obesity started out of a lack of love.

As did every other harmful, negative, unresponsible, corrupt business on earth. If everyone was loved, they would not seek out short-term, unethical ways to make money, therefore all businesses would genuinely look out for everyone’s best interest and wellbeing.

Why do people buy $100,000 sports cars?

Ego, speed, status, image, societal pressures, etc.

All the above = seeking love

And I am not saying people shouldn’t buy nice things, but the majority of the time, we buy fancy, expensive things to impress others so we can seek approval and win their love.

Or, we want to feed our ego and prove to ourselves that we are successful and that we matter—self-love.

If I have money, I can support my family and take my partner on vacations which will make him/her love me even more.

If I have money I can truly be happy.

Most humans get it backward. It’s not money that makes you happy, it’s love, and many of us chase money in order to get love.

This then means that every problem on our planet comes from a lack of love.

Think about your own life.

You can also trace every feeling or emotion back to love.

When you are jealous, your love is threatened.

When you’re sad, you feel as if you’ve lost some of your love.

When there is drama between you and a friend, it’s out of love.

When your partner is made because you forgot about an important date, he or she feels like you don’t love them enough to make that a priority.

Every little argument comes out of love or lack thereof.

When someone flicks you off in traffic, it’s only a reflection of their lack of love. Someone who loves themselves fully wouldn’t let someone cutting them off in traffic steal their energy. They would laugh it off and show compassion for you.

I know what you’re probably thinking…no one lives that way.

While this may be partially true, it doesn’t change the fact that you can start to see the root of all problems [big or small] as love in disguise.

I challenge you to try this in your day-to-day.

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