Ideas Have You – The Paradigm shifting truth about Your Ideas

Ideas are living things.

They are born. They grow up and evolve.

They find things in the universe to help them survive and thrive.

Maybe it’s a human.

Maybe it’s you?

We’ve all had great ideas.

But maybe it wasn’t us having the idea, but the idea having us?

I’m not downplaying the intelligence and hard work that may have preceded your big ideas.

Instead, I’m letting you in on the magical truth of ideas.

A truth that most of us are ignorant to.

A truth that when realized, will open a new door for you to let ideas in.

Not any ideas, but the ones that you want. The big ones. The life-changing ones.

Here is another example.

The earth. She is alive and breathing. She has a consciousness. She communicates. She has needs and desires, just like we do. Just like ideas.

We need to stop thinking of ideas as our own.

They are much bigger than that.

With this belief comes a superpower.

Non-attachment breeds freedom.

Open the door, let the ideas come in and give them a good home.

Take care of them, quickly. Provide them with shelter, protection, and energy for growth.

Only then will change the world.

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