How Do We Keep Our Passions Alive?

Passion is the cooking oil of life, without it, life would be dry and nothing would get done.

What is passion?

Passion is often the main fuel source behind our creations.

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. Passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea, proposal, or cause; the enthusiastic enjoyment of an interest or activity. (Passion (emotion) – Wikipedia)

First, know what your passions are

Explore > Learn > Create > Transcend

This is a natural progression that happens both on a micro-level (daily) and macro-level (lifetime).

Without exploring, we won’t discover potential passions. Without learning, our potential new passion has a low ceiling. Without creating, are passion cannot mature.

Transcendence may or may not happen in our lifetime. It’s possible to outgrow a passion and move on to the next “level,” or transcend the passion.

Clarify what drives your passion

Check yourself, what is driving your passion. Ask why. Do the reasons come from your true self? Or is it manufactured by society?

Be careful. Is it money, appearance, expectations, conformity, popularity, or the idea of living an extraordinary life that drives your passions?

These motives often disguise themselves in friendly costumes. They fly below the radar until you wake up one day completely lost.

As my friend Bastiaan would say, peel back the layers of your onion until you find the core, that’s who you are, act from there.

Lean into joy

Whenever you have moments of joy, take note of what caused it and lean into that. What makes your smile or laugh? What makes you warm and fuzzy inside? What makes you stay up late or get up early? Do those things.

Have hobbies, try new ones.

This is another way of saying ‘explore.’ Explore yourself and your passions through hobbies. Learn something new. Google it. Find Facebook groups around it. Dive in.

Invest in yourself

Invest in taking your hobbies, experiments, passions and potential passions to the next level. Let them mature. Not all passions require investing, but it could be the ingredient you need to transform your hobby into a profession.

Do your due diligence and responsibly invest in something…

  • A course
  • A program
  • A mastermind
  • A retreat
  • A community
  • A mentor, coach, consultant, teacher (all the words)

I was in Bali recently and took a Qigong class because I was curious. After the class, I felt better than I had in months—joy noted. My partner even noticed.

So I asked her to push me to lean in. I went to 3 more of his classes and workshops and recently invested in an $80 online Qigong course for beginners. I’ve been practicing and am even teaching a Qigong workshop during my next retreat in India!

I felt joy, leaned in, and invested in a new potential passion. Who knows, maybe it will fade out of my life due to a lack of “cooking oil,” or maybe I’ll become a Qigong master and host huge retreats all over the world. Only time and practice will tell.

Be still, be bored

Stillness and boredom have gotten a bad wrap for far too long. They used to be really popular back before you and I existed, but then things got weird (TV, Radio, Internet, twitter, Memes)

Now, in a world of constant stimulation, we are starting to remember the importance of doing absolutely nothing. Within this space comes clarity. Simple, exciting, boring clarity. The kind of clarity that unleashed deep passion.

Read ‘Stillness is the Key” by Ryan Holiday. It opened my eyes to how powerful and underutilized stillness is.

Attempt to align your work with your passion

Most of us need to work for the majority of our waking hours. Therefore, how nice would it be if what we did simultaneously fueled our passions?

Yes, you can focus on hobbies and passions after work, but then we start to eat into our family, self, rest, playtime. So, can you align your work with your passion?

It may feel like a lot to ask depending on your situation. I challenge you to give your current situation the stillness it deserves. Think about how your work aligns with your passions.

If it doesn’t, how could you change that?

If you haven’t already, read ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss. Not necessarily to escape your 9 to 5 (assuming you have one), but to broaden your perspective on what is possible inside and outside of your current work situation.

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