Instead of a boring about page, I share with you what I am currently working on and excited about. I update this monthly.

I'm currently working on...

Last updated - 9 / 24 / 2019

Β The Vision: Living in a conscious world of abundant life and love for all beings. Where marketing is used for good.

The Mission: To raise the collective consciousness by empowering conscious businesses and individual with the tools and guidance to exponentially expand their impact.

The Experiment: Can I build multiple streams of income online while traveling the world, working less, and smiling more.

This newsletter explores innovative & organic ideas for human & business optimization.

Quality over quantity.

More Specifically

πŸš€ Helping my clients launch and scale their business/brand/courses. Reaching out to awesome companies that align with my mission to see if I can help them grow. I aim to land 2-3 more clients to solidify my base income and allow for creative experimentation.

🧠 Solidifying my morning routine. One hour for myself (20m meditation, 20 min run/sweat, hydrate and get ready for the day). One hour of focused business growth (research, list creation, outreach, messaging, writing, content creation).

🧠 Taking a brain health trainer certification course (one of my clients) so I can: increase my knowledge for my brand/course called brandthrive, improve my own mental health, and take people through brain exercises so they can enhance their mental abilities.

🌱 Creating a course called BrainThrive. Read about it in the lab.

🌱 Co-creating a course with Dean Yeong. Read about it in the lab.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Prepping to leave the countryΒ  (U.S.) for a while to travel the world with my partner. Starting in South America and then flying to Thailand. Keeping things open-ended.

πŸŽ™οΈ Preparing to start a podcast where I interview only women. Powerful, successful, interesting, insightful women who can help to inform others about how this world needs feminine energy (from both men and women) in order to change/thrive. Most men (including myself) like to believe we understand what it’s like to be a women entrepreneur, freelancer, human.. The truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know. I have learned that this information, if spread to the masses, will positively transform male/female relationships, and partnerships, which will enhance the way we work together. This is the main path to a thriving world for all. This was inspired by my partner who kept getting frustrated about Tim Ferris, Aubrey Marcus and many other amazing Podcast hosts not interviewing many women. It also came from a clear misunderstanding of what we should be asking women when they are being interviewed. I plan to change that. If you know anyone I should interview, please email me!

βœ’οΈ My writing. Constantly improving my craft. I write on here if you want to check it out. I write with you in mind. Read my blog.

🌱 Living a conscious, cruelty free, plant-based life 

This page was inspired by Derek Silvers.