Instead of a boring about page, I share with you what I am currently working on and excited about. I update this monthly.

I'm currently working on...

Last updated - 1 / 13 / 2020

🚀 Growing HeartFunnels.

✒️ Writing almost daily for my newsletter and blog.

☁️ Putting the finishing touches on the BrainThrive Workshop. This is a LIVE 3-day workshop, with 3 experts, on how to lift your brain fog for good.

🧠 Solidifying my health routine. Making a promise to myself that I will do only 3 things, the rest is a bonus. 1) Intermittent fasting (The 16/8 method). 2) HIIT training (10-20m per day) 3) Meditation (5m+ per day) either guided or solo.

🌱 Living a conscious, cruelty free, plant-based life 

This page was inspired by Derek Silvers.