Last updated - 7 | 12 |2019

  1. Bringing more clients into the Conscious Coaching Academy and scaling 🚀

  2. My health — Solidifying my morning and nightly routine. Meditation, hydration, movement, mental floss 🧠, and vegan nutrition.

  3. Mastering Money  “I’ve never been good with money” is what I have recently said [many people do]. While this may feel true, it’s not a necessary statement to make…just learn it, like anything else.

    I am investing TIME to learn about money, investing, saving, budgeting, taxes etc. It feels overwhelming, but I know that if I chip away at it, I will eventually master it 💸

  4. Leveraging my Instagram to attract my dream clients. Creating valuable images with authentic captions related to my client and their pain points.


  • Workflowy to organize my ENTIRE existence 😂 including my top 3 which is the first and only thing I see when I open my computer for the day. These are the big 3 tasks I want to complete to have a good / successful day.

  • Trim — For personal budgeting, debt plan, and reporting.

  • ZipBooks — For accounting, invoicing, reporting, expenses etc.

  • Robinhood for Micro-Investing. Auto-transferring $25 / week to invest in a multitude of companies that I know and love including Zoom, Beyond Meat and Viome.

  • Living a conscious, cruelty free, plant-based life 🌱

This page was inspired by Derek Silvers.