The Phone, Everyone’s BFF?

Tell me, does this sound like your typical relationship with your phone.

Wake up to an alarm on your phone. Hit szoone a couple times before you get up.

You immediately look at your phone to see what’s new.

Who texted you.

Who emailed you.

Who posted something new on IG or twitter or facebook.

You’re a bit rushed getting ready for your day.

You open Spotify or apple music and start listening to a podcast or music on your way to wherever you’re going.

While at lights or sometimes even while driving, you check your phone.

Maybe you can’t decide which podcast to listen to or you got a new notification you need to check.

You get to wherever you’re going and check it periodically throughout the day.

You have 1-5 calls with friends, family or colleagues.

You text about 2-10 people throughout the day.

You scroll through about 20-100 emails on your phone and maybe respond to a few.

You check that random new app that’s supposed to make you more organized or productive.

During lunch, you’re on your phone.

While meeting with others, you check your phone.

You continue to pick it up every few moments to see if someone texted you.

Before bed, you scroll through IG and fall down the rabbit hole for 20 minutes to an hour.

You set your alarm, place your phone next to your bed and go to sleep.

Most people, unfortunately, have not a single original thought.

Most people are reacting to external inputs.

Most people are controlled by their phone.

It’s obvious why, isn’t it?

Attention is today’s currency.

Your time on IG translates to money.

IG, for example, has become the new facebook, an advertising platform.

This incentivizes people and businesses to create content that captures attention.

Our brains have been trained to expect more in less time.

More information. More visuals. More change. More drama.

This shortens our attention span and removes us from the present.

Simple Solution

Begin and end your day without your phone.

Start with 30 minutes from when you wake up and 30 minutes before you go to bed without it.

Instead, read, journal, play an instrument, meditate, write, workout, do yoga.

Take your sovereignty back my friend.

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