The Biggest Secret I’ve Learned About Marketing, Copywriting, and Selling

When writing marketing content (ads, emails, copy), write to one person.

Be human.

Don’t write email “blasts,” write personal messages to your ideal client.

As a marketer and copywriter, I subscribe to a ton of marketing and copywriting email lists.

I learn more from this than most articles and videos claiming to teach you something special or worse yet, “secret.”

Side note: I have no shame in the title of this article. It’s my job to write something helpful and then get you to read it. Even if that means using the word secret in the headline to tickle that part of your programming.

Back to it…

One email list recently caught my attention. I felt myself wanting to book a call with him even though it’s not even a good fit.

I don’t directly need what he’s offering, yet I’m sold on it.

The “secret” strategy?


Yeah, I know, what a letdown!!

Great marketing is simple. You’re connecting with people and offering them something they need, that’s it.

After that, you’re probably swimming in the endless sea of tactics, strategies, and tools.

Instead of getting washed away at sea, plant your feet firmly in the sand and be a fucking human, not a fish.

The marketing list I’m referring to is run by a marketing expert named Ben.

Ben showed me an ad on Instagram (not sure if it was a feed or story ad).

It was a simple cover of a book with a powerful title.

I clicked the link and went to the medium length landing page (maybe like 1000-1500 words). The copy was clear and It had a healthy amount of sketches to illustrate major points in the book.

This made the visual learner part of my brain jump for joy and enter my name and email.

I was sold and wanted the book so I started to enter in my credit card details.

I think the price was about $20.

What happened next will shock you.


I got distracted and didn’t complete my purchase.

With too many tabs open, I went back to my original to-do list (good job Miles). When revisiting the page later, I couldn’t quite justify the purchase and exited out.

Okay, moving right along.

Ben (his system) sent me some emails about how I didn’t finish checking out.

Over the next month or so, Ben sends me about 10 emails. Stories, case studies, testimonials, and some short personal notes.

I saw his ad a few more times on Instagram and Facebook messenger (yes you can advertise there).

In fact, the messenger ad was offering a video series that caught my fancy, especially since I had already started to know and trust him.

I subscribed to his messenger bot which delivered me the video series with a personal touch.

I never even watched it.

I lost my laptop headphones while traveling and didn’t want to listen out loud, nor was it really a priority.

Okay, let’s keep this going…

Ben continues to send me a few emails and Facebook messages over the next few weeks.

Quick note: there’s something about the way Ben speaks and brands himself that makes me like him. He isn’t flashy or overbearing. This trust and liking came through his ads, landing page, emails and videos.

Eventually, I got the email that sparked me to write this article.

Here it is.


What’s holding you back from booking a call?


This email is the icing on top of a delicious trust cake.

Bens’ system was able to build a relationship with me from afar without me directly interacting with anything he offered.

Now maybe you’re saying, “okay Miles that’s great, but he still hasn’t made a single dollar from you, so what’s the point.”

My response would be 2 parted.

  1. If he’s able to build this trust with me from afar, I can guarantee he’s doing it with new customers on a regular basis.
  2. I may one day become a customer. I will definitely read his book.

Again, the main point I want you to take away is this:

When writing marketing content (ads, emails, copy), write to one person.

Don’t write email “blasts,” write personal messages to your ideal client.

Be human.

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