Stop Obsessing Over the Details

In short:

  • It’s not about how pretty it looks
  • It’s not about the plan
  • It’s not about the system or strategy
  • It’s not about the software
  • It’s ONLY about the action

Any of these things can be skipped and it can still work.

You can skip a plan and just start right now.

You can skip looking for the perfect strategy or system to use and just create one on the fly.

You could skip the software and use a bare-bones approach…like emailing your students the course content instead of purchasing and learning a new course software.

You can skip the design and keep it really simple, even ugly.

The ONLY thing that truly matters is action.

Do you have a valuable, proven solution to a problem? Throw up a site or hire someone to throw one up and then focus on the action of actually connecting with people.

A plan, proven strategy, software, and a nice-looking design are great to have, but they are not essential and often become distractions.

It took me 4 years of making the same mistake to finally realize this.

A reminder to my past self, stop obsessing over the plan and the details, these only act as quick hits of short-term and false gratification.

Take action.

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