Overcome Overwhelm with ‘The Pocket’ Meditation

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Try this…

Close your eyes.

Play some nice, soothing music or binaural beats if you can.

Now think of all the things that are stressing you out and causing overwhelm.

Think about each thing for a brief second and then move to the next.

Yes, they are a part of you and they are real.

But it’s okay, I promise.

Tap into the visual part of your brain.

Now that you have them all in the forefront of your consciousness, picture them as little balls of light floating around in front of you.

Each one is a different color.

Now, visualize all of them swirling around and landing in your hand.

They are now out of your mind and in your hand.

They are still very real, but no longer a direct part of you at this moment.

Now that they have all organized into a dense collection the size of ping pong ball, place them in your pocket.

You have completely removed them from your head.

Your mind in now completely open and free to do whatever it needs to do.

Next, tap into your intuition.

Have a real conversation with yourself.

Step outside yourself and speak to you as if you were your best friend, looking out for your best interest.

“Okay, what’s the most important thing you need to do right now?”

Choose the one thing and do it.

Pull it out of your pocket and complete the task.

Once it’s done you can throw it away and pick out another task.

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