How to instantaneously switch your brain into productivity mode

Would you agree that most, if not all, of life’s most important insights, are simple and straightforward?

Is it possible that you already know the answer, but your mind refuses to hear it due to its simplicity?

Still, you ask.

This means you believe the answer is not already inside of you.

You think you need something before you can be productive.

No. You don’t. It’s inside you.

Let me guide you there.

Here’s how you instantaneously force your brain into productivity mode.

  • Figure out the one thing that you need to do, not 10, but 1
  • Start doing it.
  • Avoid everything else

Out of this doing comes a bit of motivation.

From this motivation comes a bit of inspiration.

Next thing you know, you tricked yourself into productivity mode.


I highly recommend you read the book “The War of Art — Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” by Steven Pressfield.

In the book, Steven says that amateurs believe it works like this:

Inspiration > motivation > action (productive flow)

But professionals understand that it actually works like this:

Action > motivation > inspiration (productive flow)

Inspiration doesn’t hit us in the face every morning.

If it did, there would be far more successful creators and artists.

Instead, it comes out of sitting down with our craft (or to-do list) even when you don’t feel like it.

If you have 10 things to get done today, you can’t wait until you feel good to start, you must start, then you will feel good.

Only after starting does anything happen.

Waiting for a secret productivity hack is a form of procrastination.

Cut that sh*t and get to work, it will feel really good.

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