What Isn’t The Meaning of Life?

Not long ago, I was interviewed on a Podcast here in Denver Colorado. It was a great conversation about entrepreneurship, community, freelancing, psychedelics, creativity, and life.

After the interview, I received an email with some follow up questions.

Questions like:

  • What would your last meal be?
  • What’s your favorite documentary?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • Who’s your favorite philosopher?
  • What’s the meaning of life?

The last one jumped out as I scrolled through the questions. I put off answering it because it’s such an intense question.

Maybe the most intense question ever?

Maybe the biggest question ever?

Maybe the worst question ever?

Ahhh…this question started to stress me out a bit.

At first, I wanted to give an answer that made people think. I wanted to stand out from the typical. I didn’t want to give a boring answer that people would expect.

I didn’t want to say things like:

“The meaning of life is to be happy.”

“The meaning of life is to make an impact and leave your legacy.”

“The meaning of life is to love.”

“The meaning of life is to be successful.”

“The meaning of life is to be of service and treat others how you would like to be treated.”

And so on…

These are all amazing things, but to me, they feel more like components of life, not the meaning.

Then, I started focusing on myself and my real answer separate from the answer that would make the reader think a certain way of me (ego).

While pondering this question for some time, I stumbled across a few things.

  1. Although humans are 99% genetically identical, we are infinitely different. There is no one size fits all approach to life or this question.
  2. Life is life’s best teacher. Your “answer” to this question is found internally and externally.
  3. There is no “answer” to this question.
  4. Asking this question may actually defeat the purpose (this is where I go down a weird cycle of asking the question, realizing the answer is that there is no answer, then asking the question again…and so on).
  5. Consciousness is infinite.
  6. Us humans want to be able to grasp and control things. That’s why we put things in categories and give them classes and names. This makes sense on a human, societal level, but we forget how little we can actually understand with our human senses.
  7. You know the “answer” to this question because you were born knowing it. You are not searching for it, you are simply uncovering what’s already inside of you.
  8. When we seek the “answer” externally (books, mentors, gurus, peers, the internet) we risk building walls around us. For example, if you find that the answer is “to be happy” and truly believe this is it, you immediately stop exploring it for yourself and move forward in life simply trying to be happy.
  9. Maybe there are things we aren’t supposed to “know” or have an answer for and that is okay!
  10. There is probably a lot more going on here than we could even begin to fathom.

My Current Meaning of Life

I challenge you to read my personal answer as it currently stands, think about it, question it, and create your own.

Finding the immense beauty within knowing that you will never truly know.

Like you, your answer will always evolve. There is no answer. There is no destination. It’s all infinite and that’s what makes it beautiful. Not being able to grasp certain concepts simply means there is more to them than you can imagine. Have faith in the process and enjoy the ride.

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KEY TAkeaway

Maybe the meaning of life isn’t to find happiness, to make an impact, to love others etc. Maybe in a way, there is no meaning. “Find emmense beauty in knowing you may never truly know.” Within this belief lies the ability to enjoy all of life and it’s infinite possibilities.

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