19 Traits That Separate Entrepreneurs From Employees

I truly believe we are all “Entrepreneurs.”

We were born with many of the traits below.

The problem is, society covers them up with weird, limiting, unhealthy beliefs, habits, and norms until one day we become “employees.”

Before you say “there’s nothing wrong with being an employee”… I agree, but there is also a way better option.

Entrepreneurship + Intrepreneurship [entrepreneurship within someone else’s company] – I learned this from the book Escape by Anik Singal

Here is a list of what I believe separates an Entrepreneur from an employee.

Many of these you’ve heard. But regardless, it’s good to revisit and ask yourself if you’re adopting the traits of an entrepreneur

19 Traits That Separate Entrepreneurs From Employees

✅ They adopt an abundant mindset instead of a scarcity mindset. There is always more than enough. Ideas, opportunities, customers, money, and impact is infinite.

✅ Master their schedule. Everyone has the same 168 hours in a week. Entrepreneurs just use them differently.

✅ A willingness to do the things most people don’t to have what most people will never have and to impact the world like most people never will.

✅ Master their mind. Our mind is powerful, entrepreneurs learn to control it and harness its power for tremendous growth and success.

✅ An acute focus on the tiny daily habits and tasks while simultaneously keeping a keen eye on the big picture.

✅ A willingness to fail. Failure = lesson = evolution

✅ A healthy relationship with discomfort. On the other side of fear and discomfort are gifts and growth. The unknown will never let you down, just go for it.

✅ The ability to ask. You’ll never get what you want in life unless you ask for it. Rejection is just part of it. #rejectiontherapy

✅ A rare ability to take serious action. Success comes from tiny steps taken daily, not giant leaps every now and again.

✅ They see things like a scientist. They don’t take things personally. They try something, track it, analyze, pivot, and repeat until successful. They don’t expect to be great at something the first time they try it. They are okay with no one listening to them at first.

✅ There is always an answer. They have the ability to find the third door. They can look past the two obvious doors and go find a weird third door that no one else saw. The ability to think outside the box.

✅ They don’t go it alone. They ask for help. They collaborate. They join masterminds, hire mentors and coaches.

✅ They invest in themselves….a lot [like a lot alot].

✅ They learn to master their mornings to set up a powerful, laser-focused day.

✅ Master their health first. They understand that without health, nothing matters. They know that a clear mind and a healthy body allows them to thrive. They move daily and meditate often.

 Experts at prioritizing. They work on their business, not in it.

✅ Don’t trade time for money. They seek creative ways to generate impact and income without using their time. They strive to create something that runs on autopilot.

✅ They are never busy [the word isn’t in their vocab]. Instead, they allocate resources efficiently and only do what is necessary to move the needle. They are also great at delegating, outsourcing, and scaling.

✅ They don’t take things too seriously. They became entrepreneurs to create their own life and live on their own terms. They have mastered balance.

There’s no reason you can’t adopt these traits as well.

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