fundamental of life no one tells you - find your sweet spot and build something around it.


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A weekly newsletter dedicated to helping you find your sweet spot in life, build something around it, and making a big freaking impact. Although no two weeks are the same, you can expect things like: Dog of the week, Your word of the week, Tool of the week, Point of the week, Song of the week etc! I like to get creative and keep you on your toes.


Because you should take yourself and your goals seriously. You get one life, why not enjoy the hell out of it and make an impact while you’re here? Also, I love a handful of amazing emails I get from people I respect and admire. I hope to one day earn that respect from you and provide you with real, impactful ideas.


We aren’t given a blueprint to this whole career/life thing, therefore, most of us end up lost, unhappy and unfulfilled. I want to help you build healthy habits, a strong mindset, find your sweet spot and build something amazing around it.


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Amazing Millennials searching for their sweet spot in life. Beautiful souls who need clarity and guidance towards creating an awesome fu*king life 🙂 People who want to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and create a thriving coaching business that can be scaled to infinity! Freelancers, solopreneurs, 9 to 5 ers and people who want to make an impact [crazy millennials].


Oh hi! I’m Miles, creator of Milestone Co. and I’ll be writing these newsletters for you. I pour my heart and soul into these every week. You can stalk me here.