let's grow your Conscious business...Consciously

I'll take you through a process to simplify your message and clarify your brand. So you can focus on what you do best.

The Plan

We’ll use a proven 3-step process to create a conscious website that attracts your dream clients and drives them to a clear call to action.

1. Brand Kit

2. Message

3. Website

Your business is raising the collective consciousness. But you’re ready to take it to the next level.

You’re overwhelmed by the techy stuff and just want a simple website that clearly communicates your message and drives action so you can scale your impact.

I’ve been through it, let me help.

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Why you need help

There is a lot of noise out there.

This can make it hard for you to grow.

Or, it can be an opportunity to clearly stand out with a simple, powerful message.

Hi, I'm Miles

My vision is living in a conscious world of abundant life and love for all beings.

My mission is to raise the collective consciousness by empowering conscious businesses with the tools and guidance to exponentially expand their impact.

I only work with companies and people that help to raise the earths vibrations.

Sound like you? Let’s chat.

I am a marketer, brand consultant, writer, scorpio and conscious business coach.

I love the mountains, creating, living deeply, helping others, cultivating authentic relationships, conversing with open-minded people, collaborating, living sustainably and cruelty-free, adventuring, reading, laughing, loving and exploring/expanding my mind through meditation, outdoor recreation, songwriting and psychedelics.


I studied Business marketing in college at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas. After school, I worked 2 sales jobs and one marketing/sales job. I worked for a local newspaper, a restoration company and a software company before experimenting with my own businesses.

I first explored websites and email marketing in order to build my first business called Hustle Healthy, which provided Health, Focus and Fitness tools for Entrepreneurs.

I focused on growing this brand while working at a Structural Engineering firm as the Marketing Director.

I helped that company go from $400,000 to $1.4 million in revenue in less than 2 years mostly using organic strategies.

I then experimented with a small marketing freelance business called holistic reach.

I wrote or curated content for my client’s websites, blogs, YouTube and social media channels.

I managed email marketing campaigns, built marketing and sales funnels and consulted on the vision.

Holistic Reach faded out to make room for what was next. I kept a few of my favorite clients while continuing on to my next venture, Milestones Co., which evolved into a coaching business.

Milestones Co. focused on courses, coaching, programs, articles and other content around launching a thriving conscious coaching business.

Now, I have decided to focus on helping conscious businesses clarify their message and grow.

I’m currently traveling in Asia and working from coffee shops and coworking spaces with my partner.

I’m living my dream.


Want Me To Help You Create A Conscious Website That Attracts Your Dream Clients And Drives Them To A Clear Call To Action?​