Find your sweet spot

Build it

Scale to infinity

You’ve followed the script.

Go to school, get good grades, get into college, study hard, maintain a good GPA, get an internship and then a job that pays you enough to live your life a little bit.

Now, you wake up wishing you had another hour to sleep. You guzzle down coffee and get to work. You aren’t thrilled about your day to day tasks, but hey, it pays the bills and it’s what normal people do.

Look At Your Current Situation

If you’re striving for balance, it may mean you are working on two or more things that are on far extremes. Instead of aiming for balance, aim for integration.

According to author Beat Bühlmann, work/life balance assumes that a good life requires a careful balance between these two worlds; as if what you do for a living is something totally separate from just, living.
- Neal Cavanaugh

I know that “finding your passion” is an outdated, cliche thing to say, but wouldn’t it be nice if you woke up every day passionate about what you are doing for yourself and the world around you.


What if there was hardly a seam between what you do as a passion and what pays your bills?

You’d be happy.

So why not create that for yourself? I promise you can. You don’t have to know how, when, or where, but you do have to start.

I would like to hear about you, your world, and the world you see for yourself in the not so distant future.

"The most successful people in the world have coaches, mentors and board members to make their dreams become reality. What do you have?" - Grant Cardone

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