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If you are sick of the 9 to 5. If you have dabbled in entrepreneurship, but can’t gain traction. If you want to learn how to leave the rate race and become a coach, freelancer and / or Entrepreneur, I want to help you make the transition.

Working for a company is great, but it’s no longer the only option. In fact, it’s becoming an outdated strategy to creating a thriving career.

It’s time to create the skills you want and use them to build your business and life in a way that elevates your consciousness.








Your Thriving Business

Side Effects include: Financial abundance, extreme freedom and flexibility, intense love from clients and peers, an overwhelming sense of happiness and fulfillment, the collective consciousness will be raised dramatically. Please enter with intention.

The “secret” to “success” 😂 is keeping things ridiculously simple. It’s in our nature to complicate and overthink things.

This system was created to help you take serious action by staying lean and only focusing on results.

This system is for conscious coaches. Spiritual healers, life coaches, and vegan health coaches. If you’re mission is to raise the collective consciousness, I want to help you do so.

Ready to go deeper? Let’s get started.

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My name is Miles and my vision is living in a conscious world of abundant life and love for all beings. My mission is to raise the collective consciousness by giving divine souls the tools to exponentially expand their impact.

I am a marketer, writer, scorpio, entrepreneur, coach, human, soul who loves the mountains, creating, living deeply, helping others, cultivating authentic relationships, conversations with open-minded people, expanding my mind, collaborating, living cruelty-free, meditation, expanding, growing, learning, exploring, going on adventures, reading, laughing and loving.

I am happy our paths have crossed and believe that everything happens for a reason. I would love to meet you and get to know you and your vision.


Miles is incredible! He's super supportive and seriously knows business. I was at a point when I felt really down about where my business was at since I've had it for a few months. I needed to sign clients but didn't know how and the business systems were really confusing. Miles knew exactly how to help me and now clients are coming TO ME. I'm so happy to be working with Miles and finally feel like my business is building everyday. You'd be CRAZY not to work with him!
Michelle Weber
Business Coach
The way Miles listens and implements his services is quick and effective. Miles has a gift. He is able to compute what you can connect with in their journey. It is a very custom fit. Miles has a talent in listening and plugging resources to that individuals' needs and assesses very well. Thank you, Miles, for keeping an open mind and a willingness to expand my territories in my unique expression. Thank you again!!!
Keisha (Coach Kay)
STEM Business Scientist / Virtual Professor & Motivational Coach
Thank you Miles for sharing your wisdom. I had an eye-opening conversation with this wonderful soul yesterday and I wanted to share what I learned When it comes to searching for clarity…[💡]...I’m grateful for you Miles I encourage y’all to check out his page, reach out to him...he shares lots of valuable content that many of you can benefit/learn from.​
Lu Qiao​

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