What is Milestones Co.

How can it help you?

Dear amazing millennial. . .

You are on the brink of transformation.

Your soul is beautiful, but you don’t hear it enough, therefor you may not even know it.

You went through a broken education system and came out the other end with what? A degree and a job that sucks?

You may make between $30 – $60k per year, but you’re arent happy are you? Or maybe you know you could be far happier.

Or maybe you’re happy, but feel as if you’ve hit a limit. You’re bored, uninspired and unfilfilled.

Well, I’ve been there. Many millennials have.

In our lifetimes, we’ve lived through many different periods or micro-era if you will.

  • Digital Revolution
  • Space age
  • Information Age
  • Multimedia age
  • Social age
  • Big Data age

Born With Nothing But Everything

Never before in Human history have people been born with so much abundance and so many options right at their finger tips.

At first, this sounds great.

After a closer look, it can be detrimental.

Imagine you need to go to the grocery store to buy coffee beans. You show up in the isle and begin scanning. You see roughly 100 different options.

Different brands, roasts, sizes, qualities, colors, shapes, etc.

You have every option you could possibly imagine, yet feel stressed and overwhelmed about it.

You would think you would be happy about this, but your brain says, “well shit, I hope I don’t pick the wrong one.”

10 minutes later, you pick one, take it home, try it, and conclude that you probably could have chosen a better option.

This leaves you less happy and fulfilled than if you had only 3 choices.

Well the same concept applies to life and career. After college, we are put into a workforce that has unlimited options.

You could. . .

  • Work within the scope of your major
  • Work outside the scope of your major
  • Job hop every time you get bored
  • Reach out to mentors in an attempt to get a job or internship under their wing
  • Start a side business
  • Start a full-time business
  • Volunteer in another country
  • Be homeless
  • Take a year off and travel
  • Be a creator of some kind
  • Be an entrepreneur
  • And so on…

When one options doesn’t go as planned (they rarely do), you can easily assume that you made the wrong choice and move to another one.

This, like anything, has a spectrum. There are good and bad ways to go about it. Jumping around to different options can be seen as a bad thing, but it can also seem like a necessity.

If you are intelligent enough to understand when you aren’t growing or making an impact in a job, moving to another opportunity is essential to your personal evolution.

This concept is frowned upon by some business owners and other people who were born into a different model.

This doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Our Evolution

Us humans evolve at an extremely slow rate compared to our technological and societal evolution. This can leave us feeling:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Stressed out
  • Overworked
  • Misguided
  • Unfulfilled
  • Unhappy
  • Lost
 Instead of letting this influx of information, tools, resources, and options get the best of us, we can instead learn to leverage them and achieve our dream lives.

We can also make a bigger impact than ever before. There are many problems in the world that need your help.

If you discover your sweet spot, focus your energy there, and continue to evolve as a person, you can change other people lives as well.


A Brief History Of Me [Miles]

  1. Played baseball
  2. Got into fitness (really into fitness)
  3. Woke up with brain fog
  4. Brain fog got worse over the next 5 years
  5. Went through 4 jobs in 2 years
  6. Questioned my existed on the daily
  7. Learned how to listen to my body and brain
  8. Got rid of the brain fog [finally!]
  9. Started dabbling in online branding and marketing
  10. Built a brand around health, focus and fitness for Entrepreneurs called Hustle Healthy
  11. Became self-employed
  12. Started a marketing business
  13. Again, questioned my existed and purpose
  14. Got out of my own way [stopped trying to force things]
  15. Started to figure this whole life thing out a bit
  16. Started helping friends and family find their sweet spot, realized it was a huge need for Millennials
  17. Came up with the idea for Milestones while at the gym
  18. Started Milestones Co.


Guess what my sweet spot is.

Helping people find their sweet spot and build something around it.


Here’s Why

About 6 months ago, I was working out at the gym. I remember so vividly, I was doing rows while thinking, what the hell is my thing!? What’s my sweet spot…?!

Often times, I turn my music of at the gym and think. When you have all those chemicals running through your veins, you can have shower thoughts x10! Highly recommend..

So, I’m doing rows and getting a little frustrated because I had spent 2.5+ years of time + energy on stuff that didn’t pan out. I was all over the place internally and externally.

I thought…what am I good at. How do I currently help people? I thought about the long phone calls with friends and family wherein they would ask me for some advice or guidance on life and what directions to go.

Dealing with life’s many options and opportunities can be overwhelming and confusing. But I kinda had a knack for it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m talking like 2 hour conversations that felt like 30 min!


Boom 💥 Light Bulb Moment 💡 at the Gym.

That’s it. That’s my thing. Helping people find their thing!!!

I immediately whipped out my phone, opened my Evernote app, and starting typing away.

I can leverage my digital marketing skills that I’ve accumulated over the years to help others become entrepreneurs around their sweet spot.

That was my catalyst moment. It’s evolved A TON since then, but that is how it started in my head.

From there I started to formulate a game plan. How can I make the biggest impact with this? What is my vision? What’s my brand etc.

No matter what life throws at me, I know without a doubt what my path is and where I’m headed.

It’s an amazing feeling because nothing can push you off the path. ❤️ If you actually read this far, it probably means you need to have that epiphany moment as well.

In my opinion, finding your sweet spot and your vision are the two hardest things to find in life. This is because we are never really taught how to do so.

In fact, most of us have to do some unlearning before we can find it. 3 steps backwards to take 100 leaps forward if you will.

I want to show you exactly what I did to find clarity on my path and help you create your game plan to create your ideal life and build YOUR impact.



Discover. Build. Scale.

Every Monday at 8 AM PST, I’ll share with you all my findings [Tools, apps, ideals, articles, books etc.] during the week about how to find your sweet spot, build something around it, and create a limitless life of impact.