Special [one week only] event

Your FREE ONE ON ONE Clarity Call

May 20th – may 26th

For ONE week only, I have opened up my calendar to 25 amazing people in order to provide 1 on 1 clarity and guidance for no charge [$200 value].

 You’ll leave this call with a solid game plan for success. I aim to have you leave the call with more clarity than you’ve ever had.

Once 25 people have booked calls, I will take this down. Take action 🙂 Can’t wait to speak!

What We'll Cover

  • Discover Sweet Spot
  • Solidify Your Business Idea
  • 90 Day Game Plan To Validate > Launch > Scale


  • The 3 Day Sweet Spot Challenge
  • My Top 3 Free Lead Generation Strategies
  • The Entire Master Class Training [5 Simple Steps to Find Your Sweet Spot + Land Your First Client]

Hi! My name is Miles and I can’t wait to meet you. ~4 years ago I was pursuing 3-5 different things at once while working a 9 to 5 job.

I was overwhelmed, stressed, unhealthy, frustrated and confused as to what the hell I was doing with my life. I was gaining NO traction….but I sure learned a lot.

I didn’t gain any traction until I hired my first coach. Within the first call, I found SO much clarity and direction. I want to give that to you during our call.

Discover. Build. Scale.
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