[Song] Sonder

This girl’s walking down the street

I wonder who she’s gonna meet

She seems to be

A bit in a rush

There’s a man walking down the street

With an old pair of boots on his feet

I sure wonder

Where they’ve been

Have they climbed a mountain a two

Been down to the bar

And met a few of those people

That traveled so far

Does he tie them

One lace at a time


There’s no way of knowing

When a stranger passes you on the street

What they’ve seen

There’s no way of showing

The complexities between

Lives unseen


There’s a woman walking to the store

Is she going through an internal war

Of what brand of hummus

That she should buy

There’s a dog running through the street

Her owner let her off her lease

Now I guess

I guess she’s free


There’s one

Way of knowing

Look them

into their eyes

Try to understand

The sonder

Between your soul

And each passerby


There’s a mother sitting in her car

Shes come so far

Smiling as she sees her kid

After school

There’s a baby in the back seat

Curious about all the things

I wonder who she was

In her past life


When you see people

For who they are

You see the distance between you and them

Isn’t too far

When you see that we

Are all humans

You begin to understand

That we all have scars


There a couple sitting under a tree

Looking back at all the life that they’ve seen


More than a century

Old and grey but young at heart

They didn’t have to play any parts

In this crazy thing

That we call life


There’s no

Way of feeling

All that they’ve felt

In those years

There’s no

Way of knowing

Al the smiles that they’ve shared

And all the tears

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