My New Favorite Tool for Getting into a Deep Flow State = My new favorite thing.

What is it?

Functional music to improve focus. Our science-first approach creates music that sounds different–and affects your brain differently–than any other music. –

Holy smokes.

My focus and productivity went up 1000%

I used to listen to either:

  1. My Flow playlist on Spotify (got boring if I wasn’t constantly adding to it)
  2. Binaural beats
  3. YouTube channels such as this one (which is pretty great)

It got annoying trying to find consistent sources for this unique style of music.

Why did I decide to write this about them?

I’ve been using them for only a week or so now. Each time I turned them on, it was something vastly different than the last time.

This kept me from getting bored with it.

Today, I turned to the app for a 1.5 hours deep work focus session.

As soon as it came on, my mind went straight into flow…

I thought, shit this is cool. I want people to know about it!

This tool is now a pivotal part of my daily routine. I highly recommend you give it a trial.

Here is a list of benefits if you are considering

  • Huge, diverse collection of sounds/music that you can have chosen for you randomly based on your need.
  • You can pick what you want out of the app (focus, sleep, deep work focus, meditation etc.)
  • It happens to act as a nice time tracking tool as well. I will often work without time restrictions/tracking and not even realize that 2–3 hours have gone by. It’s nice to have a marker so you can reflect on what you’ve achieved and what still needs your attention.
  • The music is “cool.” It’s not lame like many playlists I’ve heard out there. It puts me in a great, focused mood.
  • This app also builds your productivity habit. I have started to associate the app with high-productivity, therefore, when I turn it on, I almost automatically tap into this state of mind.
  • The app (online and IOS) is clean, simple, intuitive, and easy on the eyes.

And of course you can learn way more on their site — Music to improve focus, meditation & sleep.

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