Market Research – Can I co-create a profitable course with Dean Yeong? #experiment

Documenting my market research for a new course with Dean Yeong.

Start Date 9/19/2019 – In progress

Do you have a course idea? Don’t move a muscle until you do some market research. I have done market research in the past and found some awesome strategies to get into my potential customers head and heart. This allowd me to move forward with the idea or kill it. The last thing you want to do [from personal experience] is create a course that no one actually wants. Let’s validate.

Come with me on my market research journey where I will document every move I make so you can replicate what works and avoid what doesn’t.

Update #1 – Idea Genesis, reaching out to Dean, planning, market research using Amazon

September 19, 2019

I love courses.

I’ve built some of my own and have helped clients build and market theirs. It’s a powerful and scalable business model. So, I got to thinking, how can I create another stream of income by leveraging others.

I have the course creation abilities. I know marketing. I have skills, knowledge and experience that I could sell in a course. But, I don’t have the list. I also love working with others. It taps into accountability, different perspectives, and diversification of skills.

I connected with Dean Yeong about 3 years ago over a Google Hangout. We kind of just shot the sh*t about marketing and entrepreneurship. So, I thought I would reach out to him since I love his writing and his brand. It also aligns closely with mine.

I emailed him a brief idea to see if he was interested. He was!

I sent him a detailed email with course topic ideas, the process of creating the course, some marketing ideas, revenue potentials and goals, and asked when he would like to schedule a zoom call.

We talked the next day for an hour. The major takeaways from the call included:

  • Perform market research
  • Study data from existing audience
  • Choose our niche

Then I got to work.

More to come soon.

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