Employee to Freelancer (Indepreneur)

A 3 Month Program that Guides you from Employee to Freelancer (Indepreneur)

A shift in the way the world does business has opened up a door for you to create a business and lifestyle that truly serves you and your clients. One that makes space for friends, family, love, play, and health.

The Problem...

Too many people want to be Entrepreneurs, but, something got lost in translation. We don’t want to be Entrepreneurs, we actually just want health, wealth and happiness. We still want to work and put our creative and productive energy into something for the world.

Many entrepreneurs have the opposite of that. They have prison cells that they built around themselves, accidentally.

Entrepreneurship is great, but how do we avoid this common negative outcome?

The word freelancer isn’t sexy. It’s boring. When I think of freelancers, I think of people who work really hard to get paid anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour, but have to find their own work and pay for healthcare (no bueno).

The word entrepreneur is starting to become a bit cringy (isn’t that funny how trends go). “Entrepreneurs” around the world have tainted the word by talking without walking.

What I learned, is that most freelancers start without help and end up building their own personal hell. Entrepreneur are often guilty of this as well. But, there is always another way that seems to get little attention regardless of its simplicity.

What if you could transition from employee to full-time freelancer by leveraging a specific set of skills, building a system, and finding 5 to 20 dream clients?

Don’t have any skills?

  1. Yes you do…
  2. I’ll show you how to find them, enhance then and package them.

The Solution

Become a freelancer. Uncover your skills and package them up for your dream clients.

When done right, freelancing is a perfect runway for real, sustainable, healthy entrepreneurship.

Another word I like is Indepreneur. Entrepreneur and freelancers get thrown around a lot, but they aren’t clear. I love Seth Godin’s definition.

Freelancers get paid when they work. We’re not focused on scale… and we’re not tiny versions of real entrepreneurs. Freelancers do the work for clients who need them.

Seth Godin

The Program

This program will guide you through all the steps necessary to take the leap from an employee to an independent freelancer with 5-20 dream clients.

You will be working directly with me (Miles) to navigate through the steps based on your own skills, dream clients and lifestyle goals.

Make the Shift

Apply to work with me in my 3 month program guiding you from employee to freelancer (indepreneur).