Course Launch – Can I generate $5,250 with a course about brain fog using my story and the expertise of others? #experiment

I was losing all hope and slipping into a deep, foggy depression…

One day in college, at age 19, I woke up with a different brain.

I walked out of my room to greet my roommates, but nothing came out.

I couldn’t find the words. Nothing made sense and I panicked.

I went back into my room, terrified as to what was going on with my brain.

Then came the following stages:

  • Ignoring it and hoping it would go away with some sleep
  • Cutting out alcohol and unhealthy food for a week
  • Telling one’s closest to me and getting a “you’re fine” type of response
  • Losing all hope and slipping into depression
  • Going to 3 different doctors who all told me different things, none of which helped
  • Scouring the internet for hours in hopes of finding not only a solution but the problem
  • Finally finding the words ‘Brain Fog’ at the bottom of a long article on a website for a Chinese medicine practice
  • Meeting with the doctor who also experienced brain fog
  • Some lifestyle changes and new challenges to overcome
  • Waking up one day without brain fog

This all took place over a total of 6 years! Within that time, I lived a hindered life. I slept way too much and avoided social events like the plague. My relationships suffered. My school work was compromised. I slipped deeper into hopelessness and depression. My brain was in survival mode and I was barely hanging on.

Then one day after sticking to “the plan”, as quickly as it came, it was gone.

For good.

Why do I want to create this course?

As I started to write about my experience with brain fog, people began reaching out to me.

“I read your article on brain fog, that’s exactly how I feel! How did you get rid of it?”

“Thanks for the article. I can’t get through a day without my brain fog getting in the way, can we talk?”

“I’ve had brain fog for the past 15 years….please help.”

I became deeply passionate about the brain and dove headfirst into learning everything about it. I started coaching people by clearing their fog. I started seeing patterns. I began to formulate a process to not only eliminating brain fog but creating a thriving brain.

One that’s quick, sharp, strong and healthy.

One that flows through conversations like an intellect.

One that’s 3 steps ahead and never loses its train of thought.

One with a strong memory.

One with a powerful ability to learn and grow.

One that allows you to live a great life full of personal and professional successes.

Update #1 – Goal setting, planning, brand, messaging, landing page

September 21, 2019

I’ve created courses before, but I still wanted some guidance, so I googled “how to create a course, how to plan an online course, online course project management,” and the like.

I found plenty of information, but honestly, none of it was going to work for me. It was either too basic or too complicated. I just need to use my skills and get started.

So that’s what I did. I opened a google doc and started writing out the steps I needed to complete throughout this experiment.

  • Introduction
  • Goals
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Market Research
  • Ideal student
  • Messaging
  • Branding Your Course
  • Course Landing Page
  • Naming Your Course
  • List building
  • Course Hypothesis
  • Validation
  • Building the Course
  • Course Launch
  • Scaling
  • Moving forward
  • All resources

The list was about half that size at first. As I started working through it I realized what I was missing and added it.

Here’s a twist…

I decided to document the entire process so I can (potentially) turn that into a course. If I’m able to build a profitable course, I can then sell a course on building a course #meta. Something like “The Course Build Blueprint!”

In other words, I’m doubling down on this experiment…lol

So here is what I have completed so far. I treated this first run more like a sprint, so I got a lot done in about 7 hours.

  • Goals
  • Market Research
  • Branding Your Course
  • Course Landing Page
  • Course Hypothesis


Timeline: 2 weeks from idea to pre-sales. 1 month from idea to course validation [and hopefully launch].

Pre-launch sales: 5 pre-launch sales at $150 for a total of $750 rev.

Launch sales: 15 launch sales at $300 for a total of $4,500 rev.

Ongoing sales: If successful, scaling = separate experiment.

Overhead: < $ 100 / mo

Market Research

The idea has been validated for a while now. about 2 years ago I created a 3-day course and frequently wrote on Quora about brain fog. I had about 300 students go through the course and got great feedback.

A few said I should charge for it, but I was not confident enough at the time (it was my first course).

So I will be skipping 90% of the market research phase for this experiment and instead look back on data I already have. This includes all of the quora answers that got the most attention (upvotes)

Branding Your Course

Course Name: BrainThrive

Course subtitle: Transform your brain from foggy to fit



Main: #f4dd7f  [Yellow]

Dark: #353535  [dark grey, almost black]

Light: #ffffff  [white]


Header: Roboto Mono

Body: Roboto

Accent [optional]: Use two above, but change boldness if needed for accent

Landing Page

I used Jason Zook’s (Wandering Aimfully) P.O.P.S.E.D Method.

  • Problem: A headline that grabs your potential customer’s attention and addresses the clear problem you’re solving for them.
  • Outcome: Your solution to the problem and the outcome your customer wants.
  • Product: Show how the course is the answer to your customer’s problem.
  • Social proof: Quotes and testimonials to build credibility. This is how you tell strangers on the Internet that other strangers on the Internet trust you.
  • Examples: Show, don’t tell! Visual examples of what it looks like inside your course or what the customer can expect from your product.
  • Purchase: Let people pay you for your knowledge and experience!

Thanks Jason and Caroline!

Pluse I added ‘About’ and ‘Milestones’

You can see the landing page here –


Hypothesis: I believe that the BrainThrive course will help people suffering from brain fog and other mental hindrances achieve a clear, sharp, quick and healthy brain that will enable them to thrive in business and in life.

The Goal: 5 pre-launch sales at $150. Then, 15 launch sales at $250 for a total of $5,250 in launch revenue. Do this in less than a month. If successful, scale the course. Receive 3 reviews before launch and 5 reviews after the initial run. Receive 1+ review per month after that.

How you will achieve that goal: I will leverage my small existing audience of about 5,000 as well as my email list of about 500. I will simultaneously grow this list by creating two lead magnets [BrainThrive Checklist + brain exercise video training] and promoting them through facebook ads, writing about brain fog on Quora, updating old quora answers and reaching out to parallel brands/people on IG to leverage their audiences [influencers].

Feeling good about it. More to come soon.

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